About LIVE Consulting Group

LIVE: Lote Ignis Vortex Engineering

LIVE Consulting Group is a knowledge and experience sharing strategic alliance where skills, diverse codes, environmental knowledge, technical know-how and other asset pool of the partners leads to a synergistic effect ensuring in best in business fire and safety solutions on a global scale.

LIVE Consulting Group is a strategic alliance between three fire consulting and fire safety solution providing organizations based in Australia, Middle East and North America to provide cost effective solutions to global clients by pooling their resources, expertise and experiences.

Urban areas all across the world are dynamic with constantly changing social, environmental, economic, demographic and political climate.

Community Risk Reduction programmes are put in place to prevent or mitigate the loss of property and resources associated with life safety.

Fire is identified as one of the major disaster within a community. Live Global fire alliance with their vast experience in providing fire safety solutions to diverse urban dwellings both public and private is fully geared to meet the challenges in this area and offer their services for optimum result within the budgets.