Ignis Solutions

Ignis Solutions approach enables us to maximise value for our clients in the form of identifying cost savings and providing design flexibility. We do this by always questioning the norm, understanding our Clients’ needs and finding solutions rather than identifying problems. Ignis Solutions will provide the facts along with clear design options in a timely manner ensuring that Clients can make an informed and considered decision.

Building code consulting & fire strategy

To provide an adequate level of fire and life safety in the design of any building or structure, an optimum approach to compliance with the building code is crucial.

CFD fire & smoke modelling

Fire and smoke modelling provides a means to validate and test the performance of smoke control and management systems in atriums and smoke spread in a building.

Egress modelling

Challenging designs such as extended travel distances in large industrial and warehouse buildings and high occupant load in assembly spaces such as malls, stadiums, transit stations, airports often benefit from data obtained during egress analyses.

Third party peer review

Third party peer reviews are often required in complex projects where the approval authority requires an independent fire consultant to confirm compliance with the requirements of applicable codes and standards.

Emergency response & evacuation plans

Most complex buildings require emergency response and evacuation plans to be developed. This document needs to include procedures for reporting emergencies, evacuation procedures, requirement for fire drills, etc.


Professional Engineers

Team of chartered and professional engineers who understand the code objectives and able to provide innovative solutions that are safe, smart and sustainable

House of Expertise

Registered fire safety consultants

Registered fire safety consultants with Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) providing complete consultancy and inspection services

Expertise & knowledge

Highly qualified staff

Highly qualified staff with extensive international experience and strong local knowledge


Proven experience

Proven experience on numerous projects and known for quality and on-time delivery

Fire specialist

Specialist in fire safety

we specialise in code consultancy and fire safety engineering

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