Kirstie Hubbard

Office administration
Canberra - Australia

Kirstie provides a bubbly spark to the Ignis office. Your initial phone calls and visit to the office will be greeted by Kirstie.

Julie Lewis

Office Manager
Canberra - Australia

Julie provides administrative support to the Ignis Group. With many years of experience in the fire industry Julie brings a wealth of experience in the field of administrative support.

Yann Guyery

Laboratory Technician
Canberra - Australia

Yann has recently moved to the Canberra region with experience in business support. With a background in finance and business controls Yann brings procedure function and support skills

Ewan Chapman

Laboratory Technician
Canberra - Australia

Ewan brings a fresh approach to laboratory work. Coming from the food industry, with attention to detail and safety, Ewans enthusiastic focus on attention to detail compliments the Ignis mission.

Joy Yi

Law Graduate
Canberra - Australia

Joy is a recent law graduate from the Australian National University. Joy provides quality assurance guidance to the Ignis Group as well as establishing our accreditation foundation.

Liz Huang

Principal Lawyer
Canberra - Australia

Liz holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from the Australian National University and a Master of Laws (Distinction) from the University of New South Wales.

Jessica Ying

Student Engineer
Canberra - Australia

With a background in electronics Jessica is currently studying engineering at the Australian National University with a focus on materials and programming.

Camilo Ramirez

Fire Service Design Consultant
Canberra - Australia

Camilo has a wealth of experience in design and drafting fire safety systems. Camilo has previous experience with a fire system installation company as well as an engineering design company.

Nicole Cocks

Associate Fire Engineer and MIEAust,
Canberra - Australia

Nicole is a graduate of the Australian National University. A Canberra local Nicole compliments her role with Ignis Solutions from her previous employment with Defence Materiel Organisation.

Benjamin Hughes Brown

Chartered Professional Engineer
Canberra - Australia

A highly qualified and experienced professional in the area of performance-based building code compliance with over 15 years as a consultant in fire-safety engineering